Photos From The Preview at Snug Harbor

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Dr. Kniebocker was scheduled to give a commemorative reading of the Forgotten History at the poster installation prior to FHSI artist Ed Weiss’s talk, but he refused to leave his undisclosed location and asked the artist to impersonate him. He did his best.

Here is a shot of the Artist Ed Weiss prior to commemorative reading.
The dead giveaway that this is an impersonator and not Dr. Kniebocker (himself) is the can of coke. When it comes to soft drinks, Dr. Kniebocker will only imbibe a freshly made soda fountain sarsaparilla.

In this shot, Ed Weiss (fresh from his Dr. Kniebocker impersonation), is now impersonating himself. The artist is lecturing as to the importance of the Forgotten History of Staten Island. Although it seems as if Weiss might be falling asleep, actually the artist is making an incredibly brilliant point!

Famed visual artist, Charles Yuen, came all the way from Brooklyn and is clearly enjoying the exhibit!

Exterior Fence Installation of Melville Sign at Snug Harbor.

Interior installation of Melville Poster at Snug Harbor.

FHSI artist Ed Weiss (no longer impersonating himself) in a candid moment with his creative team after completing the installation at Snug Harbor. 


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